A ween bit updates + Spot the difference Game AFA lolx



Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with the picture xD ? .




Seriously, I think any future partnering competitors should just learn to crop their own photo before uploading lol!! As much as I adore that photo above, I am not the pretty lady in purple. The last time I checked, my nickname is “Kaika” and I think I am representing Singapore for the upcoming AFA Regional Cosplay Competition. At least I hope I’m not dreaming because otherwise all the hours spent on the costume, video and skit would be a terrible waste.

I haven’t emailed/contacted the site owner about it though. Still adjusting to the awkwardness and I can’t seem to stop getting a kick out of it xD. I guess I’ll just leave it the way it is, just for the LOLs. I think AFA should just fly Skye back so she can compete along with Zephyus. She was our WCS 2009 representatives after all, definite pwnage xD

Come skye, go on stage with Zeph and throw your ninja stars XD!!!


Alright, this entry is really just a pathetic excuse of an update. With AFA coming up I’m channelling all my energy to this coming Sunday. I have even abandoned my fabulous Saturday cosplay plans (T_T) so I can focus on the competition. Please wish me luck and remember to cheer for team Singapore!!!!

In the means time, go listen to some upbeat teeny poppy song and watch eye candy while you await the upcoming AFA!

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