The Game Xpo 2010: camWHOREZ!

This is really late but here is my sad attempt to make this blog look a little less stagnant hahaha. Apologies for the slowing down in updates, been just so busy preparing for my AFA costumes, cging and editing my own cosplay projects and the usual work and life and stuffs.

Below is some graphic content to hopefully make up for my absence. Don’t worry, I promise real content will be coming soon! As for those of your who are asking about the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo journey, here’s some updates.

Sadly, the parcel seemed to have been lost in outer space =(. The whole project will still continue, but it will probably be a fresh batch of scarf and instant camera *sigh*. Hiroky, Asakura and myself have been waiting and keeping in contact regarding this matter. Hopefully the article reaches Hiroky before we finally decides to restart it T_T


10Jul10_TGX 002

With Yumi the chiobu

10Jul10_TGX 030 

Makoto Kikuchi the Show girl xD

10Jul10_TGX 029

Note the face pwease. xD

10Jul10_TGX 026 10Jul10_TGX 019

Okay, I am so not show girl material. But you gotta admit, the costume does remind you of one, short skirt and all. It was also funny to recount how some random photographer came up to Noshuu and I while we were roaming the event hall and asked if we were “Booth models” or “Cosplayers”. 

Even funnier was how before we changed into our costumes, Noshuu was telling me we might possibly get mistaken as booth girls because TGX has the habit of getting Booth models to promote their products.

And so we decided to erm… parody that.

10Jul10_TGX 032

With Noshuu and Yuanie!

 10Jul10_TGX 037

10Jul10_TGX 055

Jesuke, Me and Noshuu !

10Jul10_TGX 079

Lawliet as the very bishie Kaito!

 10Jul10_TGX 10510Jul10_TGX 106

10Jul10_TGX 107


10Jul10_TGX 108

With my dearest and everyone’s favourite Cosplayer; Cvy.

10Jul10_TGX 122

With Bakasaru, Vic!

10Jul10_TGX 145

Bishie Saito Takariel! I still haven’t gotten around to watching hakuouki, My tiny brain cannot contain too much fandoms at one go >.< But judging from

10Jul10_TGX 151

Sakurazaki is TOO PRETTEH Lah >.<! Thumbs up if you agreed with me! …oops, sorry, you can’t thumbs up here =x

10Jul10_TGX 157

With Sour-Cheese!

11Jul10_TGX 026

With Kyoka!

11Jul10_TGX 036

Everyone’s favourite Hijikata (Gintama & Hakuouki) cosplayer; Kanasaiii. Photo bomb alert!

11Jul10_TGX 043 11Jul10_TGX 044

With Jesuke , Lenneth and Cvy again! This time they were doing the Vocaloids. Note Shiroin’s photobomb behind xD

11Jul10_TGX 067

With Yuanie =)

11Jul10_TGX 074

Apologies for the blurry photo =( But this is Takariel as Saito version2 , day 2 ;D

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