WWCPJ: 1st Receiver Video! (CHILE)


I’m sooooooo excited to announced that Asakura Haruto from Chile has not only received the article, she has also selected the next receiver and videoed the whole process!

Congratulations to Hiroky from Mexico for being the 2nd receiver!!! 

I’m so touched and excited to watch the video! Asakura you’re sooo pretty and the video is so nicely done with subs! Definitely looking forward to the decoration by Asakura Haruto on the scarf and watch how she send the parcel off at the Post Office! Oooohhh I’m getting shivers just from the excitement !

A big THANK YOU to all that has been paying attention and staying interested in the project *_*!!!! Maybe you will be the next next receiver soon :D!! Look out for more updates about the project here at TCC or bookmark the dedicated url for WWCPJ www.wwcosplayer.vze.com !!!

If you are interested in joining the project, check out this entry to understand what its all about and leave a comment there to take part!

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