Some Cosplay Documentaries to share

Here with some interesting and insightful cosplay documentaries made by 2 different non profit organisation =)

"Today, I'm Julia" Cosplayer Profile
By Jessie Hlister and Jasmine Louis

Documentary Film Making, Temple University Japan: Spring 2010

Cosplay is the act of dressing up as anime, video game or other fictional characters and emulating them as much as possible at events, conventions or just for fun! Watch to learn more about this worldwide phenomenon in our first profile - "Today, I'm Julia."

For more information, go to the Cosplay Research Project Website at

This is a Non Profit Documentary made for research/cultural purposes by Temple University Japan students. Thank you for watching!

Here's the latest documentary about fans of youth Japanese culture called Otakus.This covers various activities they do as well as one of the cons that they attend.

Originally, this was gonna go up three weeks ago, but I had recorded it when I had a cold so my voice sounded very sickly in it. Now that I recovered, I rerecorded it and now its up.

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