JBF Cosplay PV ranked 20th on Niconico!

Oh.My.God….Can’t believe this. Lenneth just told me a big news! Apparently the JBF cosplay video  I did with reiko, Adrian, Shiroin, Maria and Peggy got into some Best Vocaloid Videos for first half of 2010 !!!

And we were ranked 20th out of all the niconico videos O_O!!!!! I must admit, I was a bit slow in feeling excited and Lenneth was totally telling me “ You don’t sound very excited” LOL. Sorry, I’m always a little retarded in this like that @_@

But I soon realised the impact of it and got around to doing a short mobile vlog xD!

Thank you thank you and thank you to everyone who liked our JBF Cosplay PV. I swear none of us had thought of this when we filmed it. Its weird how good things always happened when you least expected it. It’s such a nice gift and compliment to be ranked top 20.

Even though, none of the good stuffs are coming to reiko and I because the video uploaded on Niconico was not by us (someone we don’t know ripped it off youtube and posted on Niconico). It is still exciting to be so officially praised and honoured T_T.

*hugs reiko and cries*

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