Cosfest 2010, Day 1 (Photo Pimps!)

Hi guys! I’m finally free to do up the Cosfest Photo entry! This is my first Cosfest as a paparazzi and has got to be my busiest event ever >.<! Moral of the story, if you wanna paparazzi, don’t cosplay! Otherwise, just rewear a simple costume and DON”T SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON MAKEUP!!!! Nobody cares how to f**k a paparazzi looks anyway *palms forehead*

My day started very leisurely with me packing my stuffs in the morning  and then going down to kanasaiii’s place to hitch a ride downtown. We did our makeup and changed into our costumes at her place directly because she was planning some big prank xD

3rdJul10_Cosfest 0013rdJul10_Cosfest 004

So we did our makeup and changed in her comfortably air conditioned room while blasting gaga music. After that, her family drove us down to the event place and kick starts the prank xD

The whole process was cronicled but because Lenneth and Kanasaiii are not comfortable with showing the videos so…… no videos for you guys xD  Now I bet you  must be thinking “So what’s the point of  telling us about the prank in the first place ??”. That’s because I’ve already typed that sentence out before they told me “No” and I’m lazy to retype so…………………………….. JUST BEAR WITH IT LARH!

4760668278_64edea8512Back to the entry!

Day one saw me doing Kagamine Rin default costume with Yuanie! Hahaa, default Rin! Bet you guys didn’t see that coming yeah XD???  Much thanks to Yuanie for helping to me film myself getting autographs from various cosplayers on OTACOOL2! So much thanks to you babe! And thanks for lending me your netbook! We had a lot of fun with it on Day2! I’m sorry I’m a rin with paparazzi duties T^T Next time I promise I’ll just cosplay and not paparazzi =\

I realise I have ZERO photos taken with Yuanie in my camera T_T so …have to use someone else’s.

Photo credit to the original photographer. I have no idea who took this because Yuanie just pasted the link without any site to me. If you are the photographer, please leave a comment and let me know.


3rdJul10_Cosfest 016  One of the first Cosplayer to catch my attention after I reach! Onimusha as Frankie from One Piece !

3rdJul10_Cosfest 023

Doing the GARRRRR pose with a random cosplayer xD

3rdJul10_Cosfest 018My GARRRRtsby sticker xD

 3rdJul10_Cosfest 020

camwhorez with Kyubei! She is so pretty *_*!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 029 
Noshuu cosplaying as a character from Cloth Road

3rdJul10_Cosfest 035


3rdJul10_Cosfest 031

Bellis cosplaying as another character from Cloth Road xD

3rdJul10_Cosfest 034

Cool shades is cool xD

3rdJul10_Cosfest 036


3rdJul10_Cosfest 037

And then the epic Yazima Cosplayer by Ryodo and friend! Those of you who have never watched the Yazima PV before, please do so NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round of applause for their courage and bravery please. haha. Oh, and Ryodo mentioned that they want/aim to do up a PV with this cosplay xD Am very looking forward ahahah!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 041

Tashigi’s sister, Tashigi and Lili as character from You Are Under Arrest! Please arrest me *_*!!!! So much loves to old school cosplays! They were really cute and photogenic so I’m gonna spam you guys with many photos of them xD Legs FTW!!!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 043 copy 3rdJul10_Cosfest 048 copy 3rdJul10_Cosfest 045 copy 3rdJul10_Cosfest 046 copy

I’m starting to think Pencil skirts and black heels are one of the most lethal combination ever invented!Lili! email me for high res!!!!

 3rdJul10_Cosfest 059 copy

Yuanie and the ever kawaii Sakurazakisama ^^!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 062 copy

my turn!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 063 And then we met Frankie again xD This time we realised, his abs has MUSIC !!!!


3rdJul10_Cosfest 064 3rdJul10_Cosfest 065

I have no idea what we were doing @_@||| Look forward to videos yeah xD?






3rdJul10_Cosfest 070

3rdJul10_Cosfest 074

3rdJul10_Cosfest 075 copy

Zone 00 cosplay! She told me she had forgot her specs but I still insisted on a photograph with her because she was so pretty! And because from my abundance of event attending experience, if you let a cosplayer go, high chance you won’t meet him/her again.

Much thanks to the cosplayer for posing for me despite the incomplete costume >.<!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 079 copy

Bunny Cosplays! Alright, I admit, I forgot what is the name of their series. I only remember its a korean (??) stylised cartoon of two prisoner bunnies. but I never really knew the series title xD

Again, thank you to both cosers for posing for me and sharing their costume tips with me! I think the best thing about attending an event is really the interaction with other people who share the same Animanga world and talk the same fandom language with you. Despite being in the hobby for so long, I still find myself squealing like a pig whenever I see cosplays of series I adore. That 'doki doki’ feeling is really what drives all of us.

3rdJul10_Cosfest 083

3rdJul10_Cosfest 086 copy 3rdJul10_Cosfest 087 copy

Shuki and friend cosplaying from a series that I have no idea… again. Apologies for the poor quality photographs. The Dome was an insanely bad place to take photographs in T_T

EDIT: They are cosplaying from Tegami Bachi. Thanks to Arturia for the information!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 091 copy

With Xiao bai, Dan, Kie and Yuanie! Really like how this photo turned out even though my smile is fugly!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 093 3rdJul10_Cosfest 099

Xiaobai, Kie and Dan cosplaying as Fubuki Shirou, Kazaemaru Ichirouta, Endou Mamoru from Inazuma Eleven.

This is them doing the “Yeah yeah! Katte Nakou Ze!" cheer xD! Apparently, it is the beginning of the opening song.

3rdJul10_Cosfest 102

Both cosplayers from 2 different series xD We all know the guy on the left is cosplaying as Ranka’s elder Brother (Macross Frontier). I initially mistook the lady on the left to be cosplaying as the Evil step mother from Snow White but was wrong =X

The cosplayer told me her series before but alas…..I have forgotten again T_T. Sometimes I seriously wonder why the heck I bother asking when I know I can’t remember!!!! Maybe next time I should just write it down=_=

EDIT: The lady is cosplaying as Nurse Joy from the 1st  Pokemon Movie.  Thanks to Knife for the information!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 104

Pandabaka and friend as kagamine Rin & Len! yes, I took these outside Mac Donalds xD3rdJul10_Cosfest 108

Japan from APH!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 111

Fang and Snow from Final Fantasy 13! Fan cosplayed by Jo!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 112

3rdJul10_Cosfest 116

And Len abandons Rin for a more matured lady. Well….at least its not incestuous. Not like Rin & Lens are twins but…you get what I mean. It is now 1:10am and I’m freakin sleepy. Off to bath and sleep! Hope you guys enjoy the video and photos! more to come soon…. I hope >.<!

If any cosplayers would like high res of their photos, just email me  or leave a comment and let me know ^_^!

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