Vocaloid Cosplay PV pimps

Soundless Voice

I have the bad habit of leaving the music on whenever and wherever, as long as I can have it on. Sometimes I don't really even listen but I just need something to block out the distractions. My favourite song of that period would dominate my playlist and be on infinite loop. This is the song at the moment. Hahaa !

It's queer how when Reiko first pimped this same video to me long time ago, I didn't really bother much with it. But after listening to Barushie's version, I'm totally hook. Gotta love these fansingers.

And Touya Hibiki has got to be my new Cosplay Idol (if not first). She looks really good here! And she really does look like a guy/boy here @_@ It's so unfair! How can someone look so good in both genders! God is unfair!



The Kaito is sexy :D Miku is chio. Nuff said!


Dancesite of Darkness

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