Calender of Events updated + Misc Updates !


Phew, just updated my Calender of Events page with many new upcoming events! Go check it out and see if there’s any new /upcoming events that you might be interested in ^^.

If I missed out any events or there’s any Anime, Manga, Games, Cosplay related events you want to promote. Just leave me a comment at that entry or email me at Elpheal [a] 

I’ve been reading a lot of Mangas recently (actually just 2 lah, not a lot also ^^; ). And feel so much love for drawing coming back. I really ought to do something about that drawing dream I’ve always had. Ever since I started cosplaying, Its been thrown aside. Sometimes I really wonder how much longer should I/can I continue to cosplay? *shrug*

I have a shoot this coming weekend so my free time are all spent youtubing, reading mangas preparing for it. Wish me luck T_T

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