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Stella Loussier (Silk Rūshe) (also known as Loussier star in some markets) is a fictional character from the Japanese science fiction anime television series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny .. Stella was awarded 10th place in the category of Favorite Female Anime characters.

Stella Loussier personality was quiet and contemplative, but there are times where he looks like an innocent child who loves to dance and the sea, she's really cute.

When Stella enters the battlefield he became a berserker rage, remove any enemy that comes his way, whether in personal combat or using a mobile suit. it changes are the result of a personality disorder or fugue state programming. his mental state could be modified through the use of said programmable block, such as when he heard the word death she went ballistic and can show real strength.

I really like characters Stella Loussier, she's really beautiful.

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