Naruto Cosplay >> Neji Hyuga

Neji was born without the forehead, but when hinata was born, which is a branch of the main heir, he was burdened with Hyuga Family Main Juinjutsu by his uncle Hiashi. All members of the branch carrying the sign of this curse, because it is a symbol that a person lives only to serve the main branch. Hizashi Neji's father was well aware of natural talent Neji, and he was frustrated that although expertise Neji, Neji still carry the fate of a servant. Hizashi openly show anger; a result, he was sentenced by Hiashi's activation from the curse seal.
Neji originally hated the partner primary heir, and almost killing Hinata during a game Chunin exam.
nonetheless Neji is one of the most popular characters in naruto, because I also felt Neji's really cool with the cold style, and his fighting styles it's really cool because it is very similar to the style of kung fu china.
and this is the image many kosplayer which I think is very similar to the Naruto anime / / / / great cosplay!

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