Just Be Friends Cosplay PV on Nico!


LINK: Feature on Vocaloid Blog
LINK: Video on niconico

OMG…. I can’t believe it. Someone actually liked our cosplay PV enough to post it back onto Niconico (its like japanese youtube). Honestly, I think its a damn big deal and a damn big compliment.

And the general comments on it were pretty positive. Very Gandongs lei T_T

Ps: Those red words on the screen of the videos are other user’s comments


This Vocaloid Site also did a short feature entry on the video. Am so grateful they bothered to link the original Youtube Video along with the Behind the Scenes video.



According to reiko, the video is ranked the 11th most watched Vocaloid Video on NicoNicoDouga. I don’t understand Japanese so, feel free to let me/us know if we’re wrong >//// < ;;;;

image Hahaha, and someone on Niconico actually made a comparision video !!! Watch out for 1:08, magic will appear =X. Though the comparison video made me kinda conscious about all the shortfalls oTL


And at the end of the video, some blue advertisement thingy appeared. I found the words a little different from the usual “BANDAI” or “KAO” so I asked Reiko what it meant.


And apparently, NicoNico has this very fun feature on their site. The feature allows you to use niconico points you earned/purchased from the site to pimp videos you feel is good.

That means some kind soul actually spent/used 300points to pimp our video . SO OMG GANDONGS/TOUCHED CAN???????!!!!!!

All along, I’ve been satisfied with what Youtube have been providing but after experiencing this. Niconico is starting to appeal to me. But damn I can’t read japanese T_T!!!!!!!!!

D3P_3650 copy3_1

When we first did the PV, our brains were so busy with all the ( SUPER ) rushed planning and insecurities, we really didn’t have much room to anticipate such hearty acceptance. SO much thanks to all that liked out hard work. Thank you thank you and thank youuuuuuuu T___T

Much loves and thanks to Akane for informing me about this. Otherwise, with my limited knowledge, I’d never find out X_X

Another thanks and pimp to the rest of the cast below.

Megurine Luka: Kaika
Luka’s ex BF:

Photographers (alphabetically arranged) :

Video editing:
Special Thanks : Decadence, Ying and Xrystal for lending us their gakurans and wig xD

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