Just Be Friends Cosplay PV (Behind the Scene 2)

Hi peeps~ After struggling with my lousy workstation, this video is finally out!

Yes, to commemorate the success on NicoNico, I finally got my lazy arse around to editing Day 2 of the filming. This video features footages taken on the 2nd day of our JBF shoot where we focused on the Flashbacks.

Now that I really sit down and look at it, I find it unbelievable that we took SO MUCH TIME to shoot those flashbacks alone! Seriously! We officially started around 1- 2+PM and only ended around 11+ PM. That’s like, pretty much the same timeline for day one’s studio shoot. And we have so much more scenes to cover at the studio! *faints*

I guess all the image /costume/hair changing plus running around really took up a lot of time =\ Without much ado~ I present to you, the making of our JBF Cosplay PV, Part 2 !

Leave me a comment if you like it alright ^_^?

Drew a short comic strip of what happened at our dinner area. Was goign to change into my next costume and this was what reiko did. She pulled my outer sphagetti top down (the yellow one) to reveal the white tshirt inside ahha.

Lastly, I’d like to apologise for the tremendous amount of JBF spam recently. It has pretty much taken over this blog and I know everyone’s really tired of me going on about the same project. This video shall be the last JBF related stuff I’ll be posting for a long time. Departure is saddening but it has to happen ne? But I guess this is for the better =)

Of course I’m not saying I won’t be talking/blogging about JBF entirely in the future. I just think for now, I have exhausted all materials (all the “Making” videos are up) to share and figures its time to slack this project a bit. Even reiko agrees with me (in fact I think she supports it more xD). So till next time ~!!!

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