New “Cosplay Photo of the Day” Segment?

I’ve been toying with the idea for some time but could never figure out whether this would work or if you guys would want to see it or not.

Okay, here comes the context establishment. As much as this blog is about Cosplay, I really feel that I’m not showcasing enough of it. In plain words, I’m not pimping as much awesome cosplay photographs as I ought to. And Cosplay’s all about the photographs!

19859_282807106028_569886028_3583238_791732_nDDDDD: !!!!!!!!!!??!?!!

It bugs me to no end yet at the same time, I know I can’t keep up with the pace Cosplayers all over the world are posting photos and churning new costumes. I’d hate to start something and not see to the end.

So I’m really just thinking of an easy and convenient way to present nice photos i find online for you guys. If I did it via series or character it will take me forever to search and comply as it did with the Kuroshitsuji post.

SO here comes the resolution or rather, question. Would you guys be keen to see random “Cosplay Photo of the day” from me? A short entry where I’ll pimp random cosplay photo that caught my eye and made me go gaga.


Comment and let me know PWEASE!!!!!! 


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